Anita has always loved photography and been drawn to nature and wildlife. Once her children were grown, she resumed her hobby, took classes, and got serious about it. She is now building a professional reputation, having been published on the Joseph Van Os Photo Safaris website, in Nature Photographer magazine, and on the Nature Photographer Web.

Business trips took her to India, Australia, Germany, South Africa, and England – and she got hooked on travel. So the logical progression was to marry her passions for photography and travel. She has shot puffins in Iceland, polar bears in Svalbard, cheetahs in Kenya.

She retired from Microsoft in 2016, and now volunteers for her church and Baylor Hopital in Dallas, TX, as well as devoting more time to her photography.

In 2004 she went all digital, and in 2015, she made the move to Olympus mirrorless cameras. She does most of her digital darkroom work in Lightroom and Photoshop, and prints on an Epson 4880 pro printer.